Grand Jury 2018

Mariusz Wilczynski

Photo: Janusz Marynowski


Mariusz Wilczynski is an animated film director, artist, performer, stage designer, author of videoclips and short TV forms, professor at the National Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre in Lodz. He is considered as one of the most important creators of the contemporary animation and is a winner of many national and international awards. He is the first Polish author of animated films presented with a retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (2007) and with projection at the National Gallery in London (2007). In his films he creates his own style using the surrealistic, based on the logic of associations, continuity of the story. In 2014 theminister of Culture and National Heritage decorates Mr. Wilczynski with a medal “Honoured for the Polish Culture Gloria Artis”.


Vessela Dantcheva

Vessela Dantcheva (1975) is animation professional since her BFA graduation with honour Cum Laude at the Rotterdam Art Academy “Willem de Kooning” in 2002 and she specialise in “School of Visual Arts”, New York.  After living and working in the Netherlands for 10 years, she moves back to her home town Sofia, Bulgaria. The last 11 years she works not only as an animation director but also as animation producer from her production company Compote Collective, co-founded with her partner Ivan Bogdanov. The Collective produced several multi award-winning films, which were screened at festivals worldwide and highly valued in the animation industry on international level.


Sergey Merinov

Born on September 14, 1966 in Moscow, Russia. In 1990 he joined “Pilot” studio. In 1992 he successfully completed the “Pilot” course for animators. In 2003 he graduated as Film Director Course in VGIK with the qualification Director of Animated Episode. Since 2003 have been training artist-animators at studios “FAF”, “Pilot”,” and Alexander Petrov’s Panorama Studio.
At the moment he is a Director and a member of the Artists Board of “Pilot” Studio.



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