Selected Student’s Films 2017

Arab Winter

Lebanon, 2016, 5 min

director Carl Halal

producer Carl Halal

Journey of a young fashion designer in Daesh (ISIS).
Mo is forced to join the ranks of the terrorist group; this will lead him as well as Daesh, to a series of unexpected successes.

Ascribed Achievements

Iran, 2016, 4 min

director Samaneh Shojael

producer Samaneh Shojael

scriptwriter Amin Kafashzadeh

music Bach’s Cello Suite No.1

The old boy, who is dissatisfied with their appearance and hereditary, decides to end his life. But his failed suicide creates a new situation in his life.

Burned Out

Belgium, 2016, 6 min

director Huei Li Yap

producer Greet Busselot

scriptwriter Huei Li Yap

Apollo lives for his job. Every day he follows the same routine, but every day the pressure becomes a little higher. His job is his motivation and passion to continue living . But what happens if he can no longer function?

Call of Cuteness

Germany, 2017, 4 min

director Brenda Lien

producer Brenda Lien

scriptwriter Brenda Lien

music Brenda Lien

Whilst we remain safe and sound, watching the highest grossing cat fail compilation - all that is kept out of sight gets back to us in this consumerist nightmare.

Japan, 2017, 4 min

director Tomoki Misato

producer Tomoki Misato

music Yuriko Honda

Aoko is confident about the documents she creates at work, but doesn't get any positive feedback. Then, she witnesses her colleague secretly changing the documents she created.

Come Home

Belgium, 2015, 3 min

director KIDSCAM animationstudio, Collective work, 10 - 12 years

producer Joris Van Dael

scriptwriter KIDSCAM animationstudio, Collective work, 10 - 12 years

music Amatorski

Cartoon clip on the song "Come Home" Belgian rock group Amatorski.
It describes the lonely moments of a woman who awaits the return of his love who is fighting at the front during the first World War.


Estonia, 2016, 2 min

director Lucija Mrzljak

producer Estonian Academy of Arts

scriptwriter Lucija Mrzljak

music Horret Kuus

Life is difficult in the corner, in the angle where all edges meet. Everything is geometrically relative when laws of perspective and gravity start playing tricks on you.

Falling Bébé

Taiwan, 2016, 5 min

director Wang Yang Zhen

producer Huang Guan Min

scriptwriter Wang Yang Zhen

music Liu Jia-ying

We're the paragraph that being wiped off. All of the sudden, it's like it's over. Hoping to come close to you. If being close to you, you can feel our body temperature. With a little afraid, you're going to protect us, aren’t you? Are you going to protect us? Have you ever asked us? It's okay. If it started over again, we'll expect the same.
We are stories erased. In that split second, all seems to have ended. How we long to be near you, and if we come a little closer,you shall feel our warmth.

Five Easy Steps How to Find A Soulmate

Czech Republic, 2016, 5 min

director Hana Stehlíková

producer Vera Hoffmannova

scriptwriter Hana Stehlíková

music Matěj Chrudina

Guide to a social labyrinth, which shouldn't be taken too literally.


Poland, 2015, 3 min

director Paulina Wyrt

producer University of Arts in Poznań

scriptwriter Paulina Wyrt

music Damian Czajka

This animation has been produced within a poetic cinema paradigm. Despite documentary aspirations, its ephemeral form corresponds with the transience of the event itself. The intimate reconstruction of some dramatic developments becomes an attempt to answer the question of the limits and reliability of an animated document.


Czech Republic, 2016, 6 min.

director Aliona Baranova

producer Lukáš Gregor

Come and join me in a bar. Join me to listen for a story. Story about my life in different countries, about love and people, and maybe about you as well.

How are you today?

United Kingdom, 2016, 7 min

director Sophie Markatatos

producer Jane Colling

In a fucked up world, two opposite characters meet.

In One Drag

Germany, 2016, 3 min

director Alireza Hashempour

producer Ghaith Al-Adwan

scriptwriter Alireza Hashempour

music Tobias Burkardt

It’s late in the evening. A man leaves a building, lights a cigarette and smokes it in one drag. He casually flicks the stub away – everything as always. Only this time… all the cigarette butts in the city become alive.


Croatia, 2017, 5 min

director Tea Nucak

producers Vinko Brešan, Aleksandar Batistta Ilić

scriptwriter Tea Nucak

music Vjeran Šalamon

On Earth enjoy is just passable. When we thing about happiness permanently, doubt that anybody knows what is it. Island is a place of colors, sounds, horizon, , smells. Person inosculate in island, island grow up inside of her and that is how island gives birth of together fulfillment.

Less Than Human

Denmark, 2016, 6 min

director Steffen Lindholm

producer Michelle Nardone

scriptwriter Steffen Lindholm

music Anders “Ormen” Christophersen

In the aftermath of a zombie outbreak, the zombies have been cured and exiled to secluded camps. A prejudice journalist decides to prove that they are not fit to be rehabilitated.

Life Smartphone

China, 2015, 3 min

director Chenglin Xie

producer Chenglin Xie

scriptwriter Chenglin Xie

Staring at the Smart phone all the time, people are gradually alienating themselves from the normal life and people nearby. This film, Life Smartphone, with its satirical and humorous style, serves to depict the current social situation and give people a chance to be introspective.

Little Bird

Bulgaria, 2016, 4 min

director Elena Nikolova

producer New Bulgarian University

scriptwriter Elena Nikolova

music George Strezov

The animation movie "Little Bird" is about the longing for the outside world of a little girl, trapped by the fears of her mother.


Poland, 2016, 10 min

director Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi

producers Wojciech Leszczynski, Anna Mroczek, Justyna Rucinska

scriptwriter Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi

music Vlodymyr Antoniv

A woman on an empty train in the middle of the night. Lonely, anxious to get back home to her husband and son. When the train suddenly brakes, she looks trough the window. What she sees will change her life.

Midnight Elegy

Bulgaria, 2017, 9 min

director Silviya Ivanova

producer Svetlana Ganeva

scriptwriter Silviya Ivanova

music Alexander Kostov

A sleepless night. A gray room. A woman lies numb in her bed with eyes inspecting the ceiling. Worries, memories, dreams, refracted through the reflection in the mirror…After nights like this what does the morning bring us?

My father's room

South Korea, 2016, 8 min

director Nari Jhang

She was abused by her father during childhood. Since he left, the pain and anger had begun to fade. One day, unexpectedly, she was struck by a revelation about her father's life that cast her feelings about him into confusion.

Oh Mother!

Poland, 2017, 12 min

director Paulina Ziolkowska

producers Piotr Furmankiewicz, Mateusz Michalak

scriptwriter Paulina Ziolkowska

music Tomasz Opalka

Mother and son are changing places and roles constantly: once, the mother is an adult, sometimes son matures and takes care of suddenly childish mother. The arrangement works fine, until the boy decides to escape from under the skirt of the overprotective mother and start an independent life.


Germany, 2016, 2 min

director Magda Kreps

producer Magda Kreps

"Papa" is a shortfilm about my father's experience of leaving the Soviet Union and coming to Hamburg for the very first time in 1989. He is commenting his first impression of Germany and his conclusion of the different mentalities of western and soviet people.

Pig Story

Bulgaria, 2015, 1 min

director Svetlana Shtarkova

producer New Bulgarian University

scriptwriter Svetlana Shtarkova

Story of two pigs living in the nowadays...


Belgium, 2016, 5 min

director Jasmine Elsen

producer Lai Kin Chang

scriptwriter Jasmine Elsen

music Ehsan Yadollahi

What if your window is your view. Would you like it to be cleaned or would you cover it? Do you have a choice? Hidden in our own world, our own illusions about outthere.
'Kastaars' is about seeing and being seen.

Raven Mother

Czech Republic, 2015, 8 min

director Noemi Valentíny

producer Lukáš Gregor

Inspired by stories of the times when the fates of men were bound with the fates of other beings. Man and Woman are carrying a burden in the form of their cursed son.

Scary Unknown

Bulgaria, 2016, 3 min

director Teodor Hristov

producer Teodor Hristov

music Alexander Kostov

A film about a nightmare and a fear of a young man who can’t wake up. And when he does wake up, his nightmare and fear continues. Who is there from the other side of the door from whome the man keeps himself locked from?

Scent of Geranium

Iran, United States, 2016, 5 min

director Naghmeh Farzaneh

producer Naghmeh Farzaneh

scriptwriter Naghmeh Farzaneh

music Nima Farzaneh

Immigration is a new chapter in one's life, a chapter with unexpected events that can take one's life down paths different from the one imagined. This film is an autobiographical account of the director's experience with immigration.

Silent London

United Kingdom, 2017, 3 min

director Ivelina Ivanova

producer Hotessa Laurence

scriptwriter Ivelina Ivanova

music Trohi

A celebration of community’s instinctual need for unity through dance. Inside the club, the borders of reality become blurry to open up truths outside of representation. Outside of the club stretches out a vast cityscape of urban mundanity.

South Forest

Japan, 2017, 6 min

director Wenrui Huang

producer Koji Yamamura

scriptwriter Wenrui Huang

music Naoki Nakashima

The Gaza Strip is at war. A little girl feeds the deprived, helpless animals in an abandoned zoo. Suddenly, an air raid strikes.


France, 2017, 6 min

directors Jean-Baptiste Aziere, Victor Chavanne, Thomas Némery, Morgane Perrin

producer Philippe Meis

scriptwriters Jean-Baptiste Aziere, Dominique Lohlé

music Hadrien Bonardo

A dead tree with creaking branches in the wind, two naked humans in the snow and a dog standing in a costly coat. Welcome to the freezing tale of Stockholm, the story of an animal who only wanted to be human...


South Korea, 2015, 1 min

directors So-yeon Kim, Hanhee Park, Eunhye Jo, Hwivin Won

The boy throwing a tantrum by singing Magnificat at matins for toy he want to get.

The Waves

United Kingdom, 2016, 5 min

director Oscar Lewis

producer Jane Colling

scriptwriter Oscar Lewis

music Christopher Schlect-Bond

An artist returns to his work after suffering a mental breakdown.


Russia, 2016, 2 min

director Alla Vartanyan

producer Nikolay Makovskiy

People are freezing at the bus stop. It’s not a big deal, everything’s tip-top


United Kingdom, 2016, 5 min

director Jennifer Zheng

producer Jennifer Zheng

Some things can only be understood with maturity.
New light is shed on childhood cultural misunderstandings when a Chinese mother and her British born daughter speak as adults for the first time.

Urban Audio Spectrum

Germany, Switzerland, 2016, 3 min

director Marina Schnider

producer Marina Schnider

music Reid Willis

An audio visualization through manipulation and animation of video recordings in the city of Berlin.

Whale Heart

Denmark, 2016, 7 min

director Robert Allen

producer Michelle Nardone

scriptwriter Robert Allen

music Kenneth Lampl, Kirsten Lampl

In an isolated whaling community, a man has developed an ungodly way of preparing himself to kill the creatures upon which his livelihood depends, and now he must initiate his son into their harsh and bloody trade.

What Day Is Today?

Portugal, 2015, 12 min

director Group of young people from Montemor-o-Novo and Colectivo Fotograma 24

producer Rodolfo Pimenta, Joana Torgal

These youngsters collectеd the testimonies of an older generation who witnessed 40 years of dictatorship and another 40 of fable-like democracy only to find out that the struggle for basic human rights has become, over the years, a delusion fueled by controls over currency and high consumption rates that numb and manipulate today’s society.

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