Selected Children Films 2018


Russia, 2018, 3 min, Claymation

Directors: Sergei Ryabov

Producers: Sergei Ryabov

Synopsis: Inseparable Girl and Cat are playing checkers. The cat loses over and over…



Bulgaria, 2017, 8 min, 2D

Directors: Dimitar Velev

Producers: Dobri Dimitrov

Synopsis:What Stela's parents don't suspect is that her goldfish isn't her only pet. The others, however, appear only when the house is flooded.


There Was A House

Russia, 2017, 5 min, Drawing on paper, Cut-outs, 2D

Directors: Svetlana Andrianova

Producers: Vladimir Gassiev

Synopsis: Once upon a time there was a house that did no one any harm. But there were always people who were not happy with it...



United States, 2018, 2 min, 2D

Directors: Aishwarya Sadasivan

Producers: Aishwarya Sadasivan

Synopsis: "Crayona" is a personal dedication to the wonderful immigrants who have found their happy kingdom - America. A land of opportunities many might say, is home to many diverse group of crowds, like me. I too, left my home to come to this country to pursue my dream and passion. It was one of the best decisions of my life. I have never been to any other place that is a melting pot of different cultures and ethnicity, like America. This country is a land of immigrants that embraces individuality.


Coco's Day

Russia, 2017, 4 min, 2D

Directors: Tatiana Moshkova

Producers: Boris Mashkovtsev, Mikhail Aldashin

Synopsis: Meet Coco, a little crocodile who hides from blizzards, explores underwater worlds and even turns into Godzilla – and all inside one flat!


Crow's nest 

Iran, 2018, 5 min, Cut-outs

Directors: Reyhane Kavosh, Ali Raeis

Producers: Ali Raeis

Synopsis: A crow who love pumpkin decided to build his nest on scarecrow's head. The farm owner, who is interested in photography, noticed the crow is there. Нe  got angry but after a while they become friends.




Italy, 2017, 2 min, Claymation

Directors: Paulo Gaudio

Producers: Paulo Gaudio

Synopsis: What would happen if the food and drink in your refrigerator could come alive, move and speak? What would the dynamics be?


Two trams

Russia, 2016, 10 min, Puppets

Directors: Svetlana Andrianova

Producers: Gleb Davidov, Nikolai Makovsky

Synopsis: Klick and Tram - two city trams every morning leave their camp.




Russia, 2017, 6 min, Drawing on paper, 2D

Directors: Anna Iudina

Producers: Alexander Gerassimov

Synopsis: Once there was a boy named Kolya, who liked to play outside very much. And there were the old ladies, who liked to do the same. Unfortunately, they liked different activities. It's a short funny story about different generations who fail to come to mutual understanding.


Funny Fish

France, Switzerland, 2017, 6 min, 2D

Directors: Krishna Chandran A. Nair

Producers: Reginald de Guillebon

Synopsis:In the middle of the ocean, a school of fish comes to the rescue of a red fish floating on the surface of the water. They try to do everything they can to help it come back into the water and breathe, unaware that it’s in fact a balloon.


Vivat musketeers!

Russia, 2017, 5 min, 2D

Directors: Anton Dyakov

Producers: Mikhail Aldashin, Boris Mashkovtsev

Synopsis: The world is on the verge of abyss, there is no hope. But the serious men appear at this time, heroes without fear and reproach, real musketeers. Vivat musketeers!



Russia, 2017, 7 min, 2D

Directors: Ekaterina Filippova

Producers: Boris Mashkovtsev, Mikhail Aldashin

Synopsis: The story about little elephant with very long nose.



Netherlands, 2016, 3 min, Cut-outs, 2D

Directors: Marlies van der Wel

Producers: Gijs Kerbosch

Synopsis:When SABAKU’s best friend Buffalo passes away, he needs to find himself a new friend. He tries connecting with different species, but soon finds out that isn't as easy as it seems. SABAKU is in for a bumpy ride, but he won't rest until he succeeds.




South Korea, 2018, 6 min, Cut-outs, 2D

Directors: LEE Ji-yoon

Synopsis:"The Turtle used to be a promising swimmer. One day, an oil tanker ship of Banana Corp., a huge conglomerate, sank in the sea where the Turtle lived, the sea was destroyed by the thick layer of oil from the wreckage, and the Turtle’s world was helplessly gone. The Turtle had to move to the land to make a living, and ironically, found a job at one of the Banana Corp.’s plants. While the conglomerates who destroyed the sea and ecosphere therein and ignored their social responsibilities continued to prosper, those who lived in the sea lost their foundations of life and became vagabonds."


Black Monster

Iran, 2018, 7 min, Cut-outs

Directors: Reyhane Kavosh, Ali Raeis

Producers: Ali Raeis

Synopsis: An old woman sits alone by the sea and thinks that it would be good if she had a son. Suddenly she fell into the sea…



Russia, 2018, 6 min, 2D

Directors: Vera Pozdeeva

Producers: Irina Volodina, Valentina Khizhniakova

Synopsis: This is the story about two friends: the little girl and tame weasel. One day they have found themselves in the library, where they saw a magical book that was able to carry them away to another world, which was in danger because of the terrible Basilisk. This film is about kindness and understanding: as to defeat evil, a sword is not always necessary.



Germany, 2017, 3 min, 2D, Stop motion

Directors: Max Mörtl, Robert Löbel

Producers: Robert Löbel

Synopsis:On a small island a bunch of exotic creatures run across each other.


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