Selected TV Series 2018

George & Paul: ep. 11 – Bath

Belgium, Netherlands, 2016, 5 min, Puppets

Directors: Joost van den Bosch, Erik Verkerk

Producers: Paul Mathot, Steven de Beul

Synopsis: Paul accidentally keeps his bath running, soon their world is flooded.


Small Forest Stories

Russia, 2017, 4 min, 2D

Directors: Veronika Fedorova

Producers: Sergei Selyanov, Georgy Gitis

Synopsis: Little stories about friendship and playing in the forest, and about how all of us on this planet are so alike, but any little fox is still the best tracker in the world!




MOLANG S2_Ep28_Kung-Fu[(002491)2018-07-25-18-58-30]

France, 2016, 3 min, Other technique

Directors: Marie-Caroline Villand

Producers: Roch Lener

Synopsis: Molang and Piu Piu are at an open market making crepes, but they’re not particularly skilled at the task. A mysterious pal offers to give them Kung Fu lessons at his place—lessons which will turn them into masters of crepe-making!

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