A Sneak Peek at the Awards


10th World Festival of Animated Film, Varna 2014

 Jury Awards


 Grand Prix Winner

 Gloria Victoria”, Theodore Ushev, Canada

 (The Grand Prix Award winner has been selected from the 'Short Films' category. There will be NO Short Films Category Award.)

 Short Films

Special mention: “Hippos”, Piotr Dumala, Poland

Special mention: “Brutus”, Svetlana Filippova, Russia

Special mention: “Boom-boom, The Fisherman's Daughter”, Ivan Maximov, Russia

Special mention: “Man Meets Woman”, Dmitry Geller, Russia


Feature Films

Winner:“The Boy and the World”, Al? Abreu, Brazil


TV Series

Winner: “Plasticine Alphabet”, Sergey Merinov, Russia

Special mention:“Piglet. Babysitter”, Natalya Berezovaya, Russia


 Children's Films

Winner: “My mum is an airplane”, Yulia Aronova, Russia

Special mention: “Zebra”, Julia Ocker, Germany


 Students' Films

Winner: “International Father's Day”, Edmunds Jansons, Latvia

Special mention:“Sock Skewer Street 8”, Elli Vuorinen, Finland

Special mention: “Dog”, Simon Schnellmann, Germany


Stay tuned for more information about the films awarded by the festival jury, as well as for the list of films, awarded by some of our partners.

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